Monday, July 28, 2014

Youth Sunday - Part 1

Today was youth Sunday at our church. Here are some of the teens practicing before church!

Here is rest of our worship team plus 2 teens practicing!

Our teens helped with other aspects of the service.

Passing out bulletins as people came into church.

Greeting people at the front doors.

Getting last minute instructions before prayer before church.

Getting offering instructions. Thank you Brady for including the 5th & 6th graders.

Elijah welcoming everyone to church & giving announcements.

Some young men waiting to take up communion.

Nothing like watching these young men serving God!

The next generation of Godly men!

AJ giving the offering prayer.

Worship team did a great job leading worship! Thank you Gabe for leading them all!

The singers did a great job & you couldn't even tell they were nervous!

Mike Monfreda, our fearless youth leader, giving the sermon.

Transitioning the stage for their skit.

Skit about prayer. I only got a few of the girls because we had some sound issues pop up & I needed to help with the sound board.

I was very impressed with our teens. They did a wonderful job, especially Jamie who was singing & in the skit! I was so proud of her.

I was also proud of David for jumping in & helping with offering & the stage transition.



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