Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year's Eve Bash

This year we had a bigger bash than normal. Lots of pizza, snacks, talking, games, fun & fellowship. Enjoy the few pics that I took.

My Jeff & Greg

Maria, Jeff sitting on Jess, Josh, my Jeff & Greg.

Ryan, Fred & Rochelle.

Maria, Jeff, Josh, Mindy & Mary.

Mary, Ethan, Mike & Ryan.

Mary, Ethan, Mike, Ryan & Rochelle.

David & Tony playing StarCraft 2.

Liam, Jessica & Austin.

Austin & Fred.

Team 1: Liam, David & Jessica.

Team 2: Jamison, Ally, Anna, Elena & Jamie.

Liam guarding their Nerf Arsenal!


We had a great night & enjoyed our company. We did miss Michael, Monica, Alex & Mason. The weather did not cooperate with them coming down. Hopefully Next year!


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