Sunday, November 25, 2012

Project Clean Out!

This week we started a major clean out here. We emptied all 3 kids' rooms & purged toys. We had 6-7 bags of trash & 5 giant trash bags of toys to get rid of! Then we made a trip to Home Depot for paint.

Thanks to our wonderful friends, Fred & Rochelle, we got all 3 rooms patched & painted in 2 days.

Jessica's room.

Jessica's room.

Jamie's room.

Jamie's room.

David's room.

David's room.

Part of the loft.

The kitchen.

The kitchen. This is all that we have cleaned so far.

The other part of the loft. We need to organize the games & craft stuff.

Our room is a mess. All of these boxes need to be cleaned out.

This is leftover bins & a few things to go through.

Tomorrow we are tackling the living room.

Not sure if I'll try to tackle Hubby's area or not. But the kids will tackle their desks.

Once we get most of the house cleaned up, then I'll start tackling Christmas decorating.


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