Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trip to Mamaw & Papaw's

We went to my parent's house this week. Here are pics of some of the things we did.

                                              We went to the park in Hope.


They worked in the garden with Papaw.
 They played with the cats
 They helped feed the cats & clean the litter boxes.

Jamie & Mamaw made brownies.

Yum! Carmel Swirl Brownies!

 Jess & David being goofy.

 Jessie was showing Sally how to draw with chalk.

David was giving Jessie a ride & wasn't too happy, but Jess was thrilled...

Until he dumped her! 

Then they tried to give the cat a ride.

 Then they gave Sally a Bath.
Sally looks all pretty & clean. She didn't stay that way too long. The next morning she got all muddy but I forgot to get a picture of her.

 David marching and playing with Sally!
They also loved riding their bikes & scooters.

We had a great time! I took over 300 pics but didn't want to swamp you with all of them! I might do another blog post later with some of the flower & animal pictures I took. Thanks for taking the time to check out what we've been doing!

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