Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goal for 2011

So, 2011 is here. Seems like it snuck up on me! I don't do New Year's Resolutions as I never follow them. But I do have a goal for the new year & that is to exercise more & eat healthier. It's going to be easier as Hubby needs to do it with me as his blood sugars are out of control. I need to do it for my blood pressure & for my fibromyalgia. I'm not sure if I'm going to follow some diet plan or count calories or what. My short term plan is to eat salad for lunch, eat smaller suppers & drink lots of water. I've also decided to cut out aspartame as I've read a lot about it causing Fibromyalgia symptoms to be worse.

I'm also planning to exercise more. I want to exercise at least 4 days a week if not more. I have my treadmill to walk on, my recumbent bike to ride & then WiiFit & Wii Biggest Loser to do. So I should have variety. I'm hoping that the more I exercise, the better I will feel. And, if I lose weight, that will be a bonus!!

Motivation will be tough. How do you gauge how you are doing with diet & exercise? Usually with weight loss. Well, the last 2 times I got on exercise kick, I never lost a pound. I believe that's because I was building muscle, but it's still discouraging to not see progress. Also, with the fibromyalgia, achiness & pain are a daily part of life. Sometimes this makes exercise very hard.

Not really sure why I'm blogging this. Maybe because if I have it in writing & out on the web, I will be more motivated to stick to it.

If you are reading this, say a prayer for me. Pray that I will stick to this & become healthier. Pray that I can fight through the pain, fatigue & discouragement & keep going! Also pray that Hubby can stick to diet & exercise & we can both be healthier in 2011. Thanks!

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