Saturday, December 4, 2010

Twitter Thankfulness Project

So over the Thanksgiving week, I twittered a series of tweets that expressed things I am thankful for. So I thought I'd post them all here in my blog for those who are not on twitter. So here goes...

1. I'm thankful for good tires on our van as we travel in cold, rainy weather.
2. Thankful for music & a family that loves it. Nothing like playing RockBand together or singing in the van together
3. Thankful for my Hubby. He's great provider, hubby, dad, trainer, caretaker, computer geek & lover! He isn't perfect, but he is the best!
4. Thankful for my oldest girl. She is so smart, remembers everything, loves to talk. Anything she sets her mind to, she will accomplish!
5. Thankful for my boy. He loves outdoors & doing boy stuff! But his tender heart is something I pray he never loses! He gives best hugs!
6. Thankful for my baby girl. She's very dramatic, full of life, loving & carefree! Don't be surprised if you see her on big screen someday!
7. Very Thankful for my in-laws. They are best any girl could hope for. They've always treated me as part of family & love to take my kids!
8. Thankful for warm clothes & warm house in midst of cold weather! So blessed.
9. So thankful that God has given me ability to bake/cook wonderful desserts. I love the joy I see on the faces of those who eat my goodies!
10. Thankful for men/women who are/were willing to fight for freedom. They are true Heroes! Don't forget to thank military people u know!
11. Thankful that the ground is warm enough to melt the freezing rain we are having!
12. Thankful for time spent w/family sharing stories & enjoying each others company. So much fun.
13. Thankful for my health. Even though I have chronic problems, it could be much worse! I can get out of bed & function fairly normal!
14. Thankful Jesus came to earth to die for my sins & rose again so that I might live w/Him forever. Such Grace/Mercy that I don't deserve!!
15. Thankful for DVDs in van & DSs. Without which I'd have to listen to fighting & arguing all the way home!
16. Thankful for lifelong friends who I've known forever & don't let time/distance stand in our way! They are like siblings to me!
17. Thankful for my church family. They love, support, encourage, & pray for me & my family. You are what a church family is supposed to be!
18. Thankful for my Internet friends, many of whom I've never met! You've encouraged me, cheered me on & kept me company on sleepless nights
19. Thankful for @CSunset! Even though we've never met, you've become a bestfriend who has encouraged me & held me accountable at times! TY!
20. Thankful for my brother-in-law Neal! I love his handshakes & watching him spin anything! Can't wait till we get to Heaven & can really talk!
21. Thankful for our treasured friends @Showfam5. What started as Jeff & Jeff turned into full family friendship. Can't wait till NY eve!
22. Thankful for freedom to display a nativity on our front lawn & to celebrate Christ's birth w/o fear of government persecution!
23. Thankful for police officers & firefighters who put their lives on the line daily to protect & save us!
24. Thankful for my parents who've always loved me, supported me & shown Christ's love to me, been awesome grandparents & in-laws to hubby!
25. Thankful for my meds & TENS unit that help keep my fibromyalgia under control so I can be the wife/mom I need to be.
26. Thankful my Hubby has been home so much this month & will be home over 1/2 of next month! Loving that he can tuck kids in at night!
27. Thankful I can get out of bed this morning & cold rain has not made me too achy. Pain is there but manageable today.
28. Thankful for a day that I get to spend with my extended family!
29. Thankful for my Mamaw! She loves the Lord. She loves me! She taught me her love of crafting, sewing, quilting & other handiwork!
30. Very thankful our families understand seriousness of J's peanut/treenut allergy & keep nuts away from our celebrations to keep her safe!
31. Thankful for paved roads. Without them we probably would be staying home or be stuck somewhere on a muddy road!
32. Thankful for freedom to be able homeschool my kids & provide them an education based on Biblical world view not evolution one!
33.Thankful God has turned my inadequate attempts at parenting into good results. My kids have tender hearts, love God, are polite & loving.
34. Thankful for all my wonderful family & all the good conversation & laughs.
35. Thankful for the beautiful world God created, including rain! My God is so creative! Can't imagine how awesome Heaven will be!
36. Thankful for my Hubby. He's my soulmate, bestfriend, husband, protector, provider, encourager & lover. God provided perfect man for me!
37. I'm thankful over 1/2 of cherry delight was eaten b/c I'm only one in this house who likes it. Now maybe I won't make myself sick on it!
38. Thankful for all the years of safe travel God has blessed me with.
39. Thankful for ears that can hear the sound of my kids' laughter. That brings joy to my heart!
40. Thankful for another get-together that has passed w/o my oldest having reaction to peanuts/tree-nuts! 7 years w/o serious reaction!
41. Thankful for crazy hubby who loves his kids so much he's willing to stand in line at ToysRUs in order to stretch our Christmas budget!
42. Thankful for Facebook. Because of it, I can keep up w/friends, catch up on old friends I haven't seen in ages & share my life w/you all!
43. Thankful for indoor toilets. Can't imagine having to go out in cold & dark to go!!
44. Thankful for McDs SweetTea & my wonderful Hubby who brought me some in midst of his Black Friday shopping. I think I'm addicted to both!
45. Thankful for great Bible study books we have access to here in US to help us study God's Word!
46. Thankful for easy to fix foods like Tv dinners, pizza, pasta, cereal, etc. They've helped me feed my family when my fibromyalgia flares!
47. Thankful for video games my hubby & kids can play together! Yes, I have a house full of Geeks!!
48. Thankful for hot water for showers b/c it helps my fibromyalgia!
49. Thankful for a God who is all-knowing & all-powerful. He knows all that happens on this earth. Far beyond what we know & understand.
50. Thankful that God's Mercies are renewed daily. I don't have to be perfect, just humble & repentant.
51. Thankful for my Savior that I can run to when unthinkable things happen knowing that He knows the truth & gives peace to those involved.
52. Thankful that I serve a God who answers Prayer!!
53. Thankful for a pastor that preaches the Bible, even the difficult, convicting things.

This list is only the tip of the iceberg of all the things I'm thankful for!!

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