Thursday, February 18, 2010

God's Awesome Provision!

Today started out to be a normal day - Exercise, school, lunch, relax, dance. Well, that's not what happened & it's a good thing it didn't as I'll explain!

While Exercising, I got a phone call from my parents saying they were on their way up to visit & help me get our Snow Blower running.  So I hurriedly finished & picked up the living room a little. When they got here, my Mom noticed how loud our furnace was. Dad listened & immediately called a friend of his who fixes furnaces. After a short phone call, Dad said his friend would be coming up after lunch to do a service call for us as it sounded serious.

So, since my parents would stay till after the furnace was fixed, they took us out to get some clothes for my kids. All 3 kids have had growth spurts & needed new underclothes & David needed new jeans. We came home with 5 sacks of clothes & full stomachs as they took us to lunch.

We came home & Dad got my Snow Blower running & even gave me lessons on using it! Yea! I can now use it to clear my drive instead of shoveling it when Hubby isn't home! We even cleared a neighbor's driveway that hadn't been cleared from the last snow.

Then Dad's friend showed up & diagnosed the problem with our furnace. The blower motor had a bearing going out. He said it would have completely died within the next 24 hrs & we would have been without heat!! Dad & he were able to go get a new blower motor & get it fixed!

Then we (kids, My parents & I) met my Aunt Sue & Aunt Linda at Sam's Club to get things for my Mamaw's 90th Birthday party in March. Then off to dance & then back home!

So, God provided for us for a need we didn't even realize we had! God lead my parents to come up today to fix my snow blower so Dad could hear my loud furnace! God arranged for Dad's friend to be able to come up today & fix it (a lot cheaper than if we'd called a local company!!) before we it broke & we were without heat!! God through my parents provided clothes for my kids! God provided awesome weather so I got to see my parents & my Aunts! So tonight I am so very thankful that God loves me enough to provide answers to my needs, even before I even knew I had them!!


Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

Love how awesome God is!

queenamy83 said...

that is so awesome Lea!! God is so good!!