Monday, November 10, 2008


Do you ever get to the point where everything just overwhelms you? I'm there. So I decide today to write about a few of the things that overwhelm me & what I'm doing to change that.

1. My house is overwhelming me. It is so cluttered & messy. So, I've started decluttering. Just wish I could get it done faster. I have my kitchen and my garage done. I'm also working on my bathroom & Jeff's cds & DVDs. I still need to finish my bathroom & closet. Then I need to do my desk. Then the big jobs need done - the spare room & Jeff's computer area in the living room.

2. our schedule is overwhelming me. We aren't dealing well with adjusting when Jeff leaves & comes home. Plus it seems like we just run run run. Sunday is church, Tuesday is Bible Study & Homeschool Gym, Wed is Word of Life, Thursday is dance. I also have OT in there & any other meetings that crop up at church. Then when you throw picking up Jeff & dropping Jeff off at the airport into the mix, It's all a little overwhelming! I also have to fit in school too. I don't have a solution to this problem yet. Maybe it's more of an attitude adjustment for myself about all of this.

I think my biggest problem is I let my outlook be influenced by my feelings. I need to stop living by my feelings. My feelings are so unstable at times. I let myself give into the feelings & get overwhelmed. Yes, I do have some actual steps I can take to help that overwhelmed feeling, but a lot of the problem is living according to those feelings. I get overwhelmed, then I get moody. Then I get grouchy. Then I become hard to live with. Then it rubs off on hubby & the kids & they become hard to live with which makes me grouchier. All because I let my feelings run my life. God, help me to live the way You want me to & not live according to my feelings of the moment.

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Gretchen said...

Hey, I absolutely can relate to that overwhelmed feeling. I think I get it weekly. One thing that has helped me is cutting down on activities. I am much more happy when I stay home more. I really am trying to limit them. Some weeks I am successful and some weeks I am not. I know too how having your husband gone a lot is also overwhelming. My husband doesn't travel, but he works rotating shifts and a lot of overtime! I will be praying for you!